Living in Orange Beach

Living in Orange Beach

Orange Beach is a small suburb with just over 6,000 people and ranks among the best places to live in Alabama. Niche surveyed 2021 residents and ranked Orange Beach #1 among the top 190 places to retire in Alabama. 

Why is it so great? Why would you not want to spend time here with its beautiful beaches, outdoor activities, and A-rated Schools? With so many things to do in Orange Beach, who wouldn’t want to live here? Continue reading to discover more about this hidden treasure in Baldwin County.

Multiple water sources

Orange Beach’s amazing water access is one of its biggest attractions. Residents can enjoy the warm Gulf of Mexico waters, as well as the Intracoastal Waterway, Wolf Bay, Arnica Bay, Terry Cove, Bay La Launch, and Ingram Bayou. Roberts Bayou is also available. 

Orange Beach covers 15.95 miles. Only 1.25% of this area is water. Both locals and tourists will enjoy the many waterways. With a height of 112 feet, the Wharf boasts the Southeast’s largest ferris wheel. There are also several islands along the coast: Robinson Island, Gilchrist Island, Walker Island, and Bird Island. 

These unspoiled areas offer a tranquil place for jet skiers and boaters to slow down and take a break.


A knowledgeable real estate agent is the best way to achieve the home of your dreams. Approx. 70% of Orange Beach homes are owned while 30% are rented. The median home value for the Orange Beach area was $408,839 in December 2021. 

This is 18.3% more than the previous year. 363 listings were currently on the market as of December 2021. These include 1 bedroom apartment estates with oceanfront properties and larger estates. 

Listings average about 209 days on market. 11 listings were sold above the asking price in December, 27 sold at the asking price, and 69 sold below.

Employment opportunities

Orange Beach is a great place to live year-round. You should explore the many employment opportunities available. The state’s unemployment rate is lower than the national average, at 5.6%. This comes with a positive growth rate of 1.78%. 

The median household income is 8% higher than the national average, with the per capita income 26% higher.

Entertainment industry: Arts, accommodation, restaurants, and recreation account for the majority of Orange Beach’s income. These services account for about 20% of the total income in the region. 

At 18.4%, education, healthcare, and social services are closely followed by construction, finance, retail, and financing.

Education opportunities

Orange Beach is served by 11 public schools. These include 5 elementary schools, 4 middle and 2 high schools. With a student/teacher ratio of approximately 17.3 to 1, the district has an A rating. 

High school graduates are approximately 92.4%. Just under half go on to complete a 4-year degree. Four private Christian schools are located in the region, serving all grades K-12.

A safe community

Orange Beach’s small-town atmosphere is another draw. Based on Niche’s annual statistics, the area is rated B. However, it is not one of America’s safest neighborhoods. gives it a D+ average. 

In 2022, the FBI reported that 1 in 33 people are likely to be victims of property or violent crimes. However, the FBI reported that the violent crime average of 10.9 is significantly lower than the 22.7 national average, and property crime is only slightly higher than this national average. 

What is the reason for this huge discrepancy between ratings? It all depends on where you live within the Orange Beach region.

Living in Orange Beach


Orange Beach, AL is a place where the sun sets but it’s not over. The heart of Orange Beach is just 5 miles away from The Wharf, where you will find plenty of opportunities to dine and dance. It’s located 6.8 miles from downtown Gulf Shores, and 73 miles from Destin Fl

There’s something for everyone, no matter what your taste preferences are. You can enjoy local seafood on Perdido Beach Blvd. or explore Mexican, Asian, Cajun, and Italian cuisines. Or grab a coffee and a dessert at one of the local cafes.

Playing at Orange Beach

There are many ways to enjoy the laid-back lifestyle at Orange Beach, AL. You will feel relaxed on the beautiful, white-sand beaches. You can take a stroll along the beaches, or dip your toes into the clear water. 

The average temperature is 84 degrees in the hot season (end of May to the end of September), and a cool season with perfect temperatures…an average high at 67 degrees (beginning of December through March). There’s no reason to not get outside and enjoy the sun!

  • Are you traveling with kids? The Wharf has mini golf and a ferris wheel. Adventure Island is the place to go on paddle boats, go-karts, and in the laser tag arena. Breakout Games offers a challenge for the whole family or a helicopter tour that gives you a 360-degree view of the area.
  • Watersports: There are many activities you can do on the water, including paddle boarding, kayaking, jet skiing, and scuba diving. You can find a water sports outfitter near you and start your adventure!
  • Orange Beach Dog Park: Your furry friend can also enjoy our pristine park. Don’t forget our dog park if you bring Fido along on your vacation.
  • Hiking: The BackCountry Trail has over 15 miles of trails that are suitable for biking and hiking. You can explore on your own, or join one of our guided eco-tours. You can even camp under the stars! The Waterfront park is a family-friendly option for those who want to take a stroll, have a barbecue, and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Sports: Play softball, soccer, and tennis, on the Orange Beach Sports Complex courts (lessons available), play frisbee golf, or visit one of the many traditional courses in the region. Orange Beach Golf Center has 9 holes and a driving range. It is very cost-effective.
  • Boat tours: You can choose from more than 100 charter captains along the Gulf Coast of Alabama. You will be able to fish or catch a glimpse of the whales and dolphins (they love to put on a show).

Orange Beach

Great walkability, commutability, and transportation

Although you will likely need to have access to a car in Orange Beach, it is not complicated to get around. Canal Road and Perdido Beach Boulevard provide easy access to the city’s center. Both run from east to west. You can only access our charming community via Perdido Beach Blvd if you are entering from Florida.

Some attractions may be further away (downtown Pensacola and Foley for example), but there are simple shortcuts you can use to make your journey feel easier. You can save time by using the Gulf State Park cut-throughs.

Are you not interested in bringing your own wheels? Baldwin Rural Area Transportation System provides bus service between Orange Beach and its surrounding communities. This makes travel easier. On weekdays, dial-a-ride is available. Senior services provide transportation for seniors to take them to medical appointments and grocery stores.

It’s worth a look

Orange Beach, no matter how you view it, is a great place to visit that has something for everyone. An Orange Beach discount real estate agent is available to help you explore this hidden gem. We are eager to assist you with any local real estate needs.